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Simply a better kind of law firm.

Fortress was conceived from its inception to be a law firm built upon Trust, Talent, Tenacity, Efficiency, and Professionalism. Our philosophy strikes the strongest, most valuable attorney/client relationship possible. Your legal issue becomes our cause for being.
“Above All Else, Be Loyal to Our Clients.”
- Lenard Myers II, Fortress Lead Counsel
At Fortress, the cornerstone of our very existence is loyalty.
No billable hour is more important than the trust of our clients.
Fortress is dedicated first and foremost to the success of our clients
and we've obtained millions of dollars for our clients over the last decade.
You need more than a need a Fortress
Virginia Lawyers Protecting Car Buyers when it comes to Auto Fraud & Lemon Laws

Fortress is focused on representing consumers like you against automobile dealers and repair shops engaged in fraudulent, deceptive practices. If any of the following have happened to you, then you need you to contact Fortress to assert your rights and seek monetary damages.

Auto Dealer Fraud: The dealer said anything just to get you to buy the vehicle and then you found out the hard way that it simply wasn’t true.

Frame Damage Fraud: You asked if your car had ever been in an accident before you bought only to find out later it had frame damage.

Lemon Law Protections: No matter how many times you have taken your vehicle to the dealer, they just can't seem to get it fixed.

Virginia Lawyers Saving Homes
Like Yours from Foreclosure

You DO NOT need to file Bankruptcy to save your home. Unlike many law firms, Fortress absolutely understands that bankruptcy is not the only way to stop your home from being sold in foreclosure. When you or your family is struggling with the bank concerning the mortgage on your home, Fortress looks first to strategies that enable you to avoid bankruptcy.

At Fortress, bankruptcy is considered a last-ditch alternative, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Fortress is able to represent your interests against mortgage lenders, working out loans and restructuring them through mortgage loan modifications in a way that enables you to stabilize the mortgage on your most valuable asset. There are other useful options such as short sales or deed-in-lieu alternatives as well. Such strategies avoid the unwanted publicity associated with bankruptcy and in most cases, helps to protect your credit and usually much more cost-effective for you, the homeowner.

Protecting You from Outrageous
Tunnel Toll Bills & DMV Holds

Downtown Tunnel & Midtown Tunnel Tolls. If you commute between Norfolk and Portsmouth through the Downtown Tunnel or Midtown Tunnel, then you were charged a toll by Elizabeth River Crossings, the operators of these tunnels. If you were charged a Pay-By-Plate toll and incurred administrative fees on unpaid tolls or you were prevented from registering your vehicle with Virginia DMV, Fortress may be able to help.


Pay-By-Plate Tolls. The cost of Pay-By-Plate tolls on the Downtown and Midtown tunnels have almost tripled since 2014. If you commute between Norfolk and Portsmouth on a Pay-By-Plate basis, then if you are not careful, you could potentially rack up thousands of dollars in unpaid balances and thousands more “administrative fees” if you are not able to pay off your balance in a timely manner.


Virginia DMV Vehicle Registration Holds. If you find yourself in a position of being unable to pay your unpaid balance, Virginia law allows the tunnel operator to place an “administrative hold” with Virginia DMV, making it impossible to register your vehicle until you have paid off your balance with the tunnel operator. This can put you in real jeopardy when it comes to getting to work or going to school. Fortress may be able to help you with your DMV hold.


Debt Collectors & Court. The law also allows debt collectors to come after you or you can be hauled into court where you could be found in violation of Virginia state law for failure to pay your tolls where potentially hundreds of dollars more in “civil penalties” could be tacked onto your tunnel toll woes. If you received a summons from Elizabeth River Crossings, then call Fortress to set an appointment to learn your legal rights.

Virginia Lawyers Protecting You
from Bad Contracts

At Fortress, we are concerned about your rights when it comes to the contracts you sign. There is a reason why they always add to the end of a contract, “You have read and understood this entire agreement.”


That’s because a company or person can tell you exactly what you want to hear just to get you to sign a bad contract. Once you realize the contract you signed is very different from what you were told, it may be too late because when you take them to court, they will use that contract against you. Fortunately, Fortress may be able to help you or your business when you find yourself in situations just like this one.


Even more valuable is the ability to protect you from contract disputes and breach of contract situations before they can ever happen. Either way, you should consider Fortress to help you in either of the following situations:


Contract Review or Formation: Whether it’s before or after you’ve signed a contract, Fortress can counsel you concerning your rights and duties.

Breach of Contract Mediation, Litigation or Arbitration: If you have a breach of contract issue that cannot be amicably resolved, Fortress is prepared to fight for your rights.

Virginia Lawyers Defending
Your Professional License
before State Disciplinary Boards

Virginia Department of Health Professionals 

When you are faced with a complaint that threatens your career, then you need a law firm that will fight as hard as it can to protect your livelihood. That's why Fortress is dedicated to protecting that which you worked so hard to achieve. 


If you become aware of a complaint or you are contacted by a board investigator from any of the following boards, then contact Fortress as soon as possible to protect your rights and your license:

  • Virginia Board of Counseling

  • Virginia Board of Dentistry

  • Virginia Board of Medicine

  • Virginia Board of Nursing

  • Virginia Board of Pharmacy

  • Virginia Board of Physical Therapy

  • Virginia Board of Psychology

  • Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine

There may be important deadlines looming. Do not take such complaints or investigations lightly. While many complaints are closed without further investigation, it is not always predictable which complaints may spark further investigation. Every complaint has to be taken seriously and Fortress is available to help you effectively respond to a complaint with the goal of preventing further investigation and disciplinary hearings.

Millions of dollars for our clients
You need more than a need a Fortress
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