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Virginia Contract Law Attorneys


We handle all aspects of Contracts

Negotiations & Contracts Formation. Fortress Attorneys are experienced in the area of contracts, with the critical mission of protecting your best interests as a business client. Fortress can assist you or your company with the complex process of negotiations leading up to the point of agreement and also with the important work of drafting a contract based on the agreement. When it comes to contracting, you may know your business, but Fortress knows the law. Trying to form a contract by assuming you’re an expert in both is an invitation for potential harm to you or your company. Contact Fortress to talk about your contracting needs.

Routine Business Contracts

Fortress understands that businesses often require “fill-in-the-blank” contracts for many of their routine business functions. Unfortunately, some business owners find “boilerplate” contracts on the internet or office supply stores that may not comply with the law of Virginia. More importantly, a generic contract may not provide the sorts of protection suited for your specific business. Contact Fortress find out how our firm can help your business with these sorts of contracts.

Contracts Review & Advice - Before You've Signed

You may also want to have Fortress take a look at a contract or legal document that you are currently considering. Far too many times businesses agree to what’s in a contract without understanding how their business could potentially suffer down the road. Contact Fortress today to have your contract reviewed before you sign it, before it’s too late.

Contracts Review & Advice - After You've Signed

If your business is already a party to an agreement that you have concerns about, contact Fortress to help you determine legal options available to you or your company.

Virginia Business & Contracts Litigation Attorneys

Fortress recognizes that today’s business environment grows ever-increasingly complex almost by the day. This, unfortunately, means your business at some point may find itself involved in a lawsuit because of a contractual dispute. In pursuing the most cost-effective path to resolving breach of contract or fraud issues, sometimes the courtroom can be avoided in the interest of time and expense while still achieving a workable solution to the dispute between your company and the other party. If, however, a resolution cannot be reached on your behalf, Fortress is prepared to take your cause to court. Fortress lawyers have proven valuable experience to confidently fight for our clients in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. If your company is involved in a contract dispute, contact Fortress concerning contract dispute.

Intellectual Property Protection  in Virginia

Copyrights, trademarks and service marks and your invaluable trade secrets. These are some of your company’s most important assets to maintain your edge over your competition. So, when a competitor abuses your intellectual property, let Fortress help your business when it comes to protecting such a critical asset of your business.

Our law firm serves all of Virginia with offices in
Hampton Roads, Greater Richmond, and Northern Virginia.
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