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Virginia Lawyers Protecting Car Buyers when it comes to Auto Fraud & Lemon Laws

Fortress is focused on representing consumers like you against automobile dealers and repair shops engaged in fraudulent, deceptive practices. If any of the following have happened to you, then you need you to contact Fortress to assert your rights and seek monetary damages.

Auto Dealer Fraud: The dealer said anything just to get you to buy the vehicle and then you found out the hard way that it simply wasn’t true.

Frame Damage Fraud: You asked if your car had ever been in an accident before you bought only to find out later it had frame damage.

Lemon Law Protections: No matter how many times you have taken your vehicle to the dealer, they just can't seem to get it fixed.

Over $2,800,000 for our clients over the last five years
You need more than a need a Fortress
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