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Virginia Lawyers Defending
Your Professional License
before State Disciplinary Boards

Virginia Department of Health Professionals 

When you are faced with a complaint that threatens your career, then you need a law firm that will fight as hard as it can to protect your livelihood. That's why Fortress is dedicated to protecting that which you worked so hard to achieve. 


If you become aware of a complaint or you are contacted by a board investigator from any of the following boards, then contact Fortress as soon as possible to protect your rights and your license:

  • Virginia Board of Counseling

  • Virginia Board of Dentistry

  • Virginia Board of Medicine

  • Virginia Board of Nursing

  • Virginia Board of Pharmacy

  • Virginia Board of Physical Therapy

  • Virginia Board of Psychology

  • Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine

There may be important deadlines looming. Do not take such complaints or investigations lightly. While many complaints are closed without further investigation, it is not always predictable which complaints may spark further investigation. Every complaint has to be taken seriously and Fortress is available to help you effectively respond to a complaint with the goal of preventing further investigation and disciplinary hearings.

Over $2,800,000 for our clients over the last five years
You need more than a need a Fortress
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